Tailor-made shirts

We create CUSTOM MADE shirts personalized in every single detail

  • regular cut or slim fit, suitable for any wearability. For pattern colored shirts, the manual cutting phase with scissors is important to match rows and frameworks in the different sewing joints.
  • Customized paper pattern, each of our customers has their own personalized paper pattern, based on their wearability. The created patterns remain in our records to replicate the shirt in each new order.
  • English flat-felled seam, we make this seam more resistant than a normal seam as it leaves an aesthetically clean result even on the reverse side.
  • Classic or English buttoning for every occasion.
  • Different neck models worked with the fuse top system, rigid or soft neck with or without collar stiffeners such as Italian or French models, and button down.
  • Diverse shirt cuffs models to choose, according to preferences and occasions (habitually 7 cm high and protruding about one centimeter from the suit jacket sleeves).
  • Mother of pearl buttons strictly “Made in Italy”.
  • Seams and buttonholes developed with cotton threads “Made in Italy”.
  • Initials embroidering expert’s handmade embroidery or machine embroidery.

Our REGULAR WEARABILITY is comfortable and it’s intended for those who prefer a simple and essential style while the SLIM FIT WEARABILITY is for those who prefer a tight-fitting garment.

We produce not only tailored shirts for MEN, WOMEN and CHILDREN (SEBASTIAN KIDS) but also READY or ADAPTED, JERSEY & LINEN POLO SHIRTS, and long sleeves COWBOY SHIRTS with chest height front pockets, sleeve garters, classic collar with placket buttons or poussoir closure, made in jeans fabric, oxford and linen, as well as cotton or silk PAJAMAS and NIGHTGOWNS, BOXERS, as we’re one of the few shirt creators in Turin that boasts its OWN SPECIALIZED ATELIER.

Experience the pleasure of wearing a tailored shirt specially for you, with competitive prices: at Sebastian’s the proficient and friendly staff will guide you through the material’s choice to great value models, which perfectly reflect your desires. An exclusive proposal with many special combination ideas.

Our Fabrics

The fabric’s choice is the first stage to create a shirt; besides to the classic ones, we offer a wide selection to inspire you.
Our HIGH-QUALITY fabric’s selection, are all strictly MADE IN ITALY and are available in store or also in our samples catalogue, assorted and divided according to the season.

Among the most famous is the OXFORD fabric, with its characteristic “dot” appearance, it’s got from the interweaving of threads of different thickness, and it’s perfect for both leisure and formal shirts.
DENIM fabric is suitable for sports shirts with its typical indigo color and its particular resistance.
The TWILL is a fabric with a pattern of 45°- degree diagonal parallel ribs.

The PINPOINT fabric for a casual effect.
PIQUE and GABARDINE fabrics, elegant and resistant.
POPLIN fabric, fresh and shiny cotton.
The FIL-a-FIL, LINEN or LINEN and COTTON, ideally for summer shirts.
The SILK is one of the finest fabrics with an unparalleled shine.
FLANNEL fabric in solid color or checkered, CASHMIRE for the coldest season, JERSEY and NON-IRON fabrics increasingly in demand and comfortable to wear.
These fabrics are JUST some names of shirt’s fabrics on the market today.